We use electrochemistry technology for selective oxidations
Excellence in chiral intermediates

  • natural and synthetic beta├»nes
  • chiral non-natural a-amino acids
  • chiral b-amino acids
  • chiral amino-alcohols


We use biocatalytic kinetic resolution technology
Biocatalysis using enzymes

  • lipases
  • esterases
  • beta-lactamases

Peptide chemistry

Excellence in peptide fragment synthesis
Custom peptide fragments

  • Modified peptide fragments
  • peptides including non-natural amino acids

Transparant Project Handling

Either through our sister company Eburon Organics or through our network of partners we are able to provide:

  • Custom development
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Full confidentiallity in case of technology trnasfer
  • Regular status reporting to the customer

Reliability and QA/QC

In House Q.C.
Quality control on all goods

  • Fully equiped lab: GC, HPLC, TLC, Titr., KF, APHA, NTU, etc.
  • All shipped goods are accompanied with our certificate of analysis


  • We hold over 150 specialty chemicals, in our active catalog
  • We have synthesized over 50 specialized peptides and peptidomimetics
  • We product gram to kilo scale in Belgium
  • We product kilo to Multi-ton scale at our Eburon Organics plant in India