Advanced Technologies for chiral Chemistry and more ...

We are specialists in unique chiral synthesis technologies, such as electrochemistry, biocatalysis and flow chemistry. We offer a unique range of products including non-natural amino-acids and other chiral building blocks, synthesized through 'Green Chemistry'

Why Choose Us?

> 100 unique products and continuously growing

Green chemistry technology enabling production of unique chiral products, peptidomimetics and more

  • Biocatalysis and kinetic resolution technologies
  • Chiral intermediates for pharmaceutical API’s and other fine chemical applications
  • We strive to develop the most sustainable, resource efficient and energy efficient synthesis routes
  • We accomodate requests for bio-based synthesis of fine chemicals

Industry leading using proprietary technologies in:

  • chiral non-natural a-amino acids
  • can produce almost any chiral b-amino acid
  • most chiral amino-alcohols

As a development partnerfor innovations we are …
a partner for custom synthesis and contract manufacturing solutions
a partner for joint development

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